How to polish mirrors

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How to polish mirrors

Mirror glass cleaning
Many women feel that cleaning the glass of mirrors or windows is a difficult task, and it is really a difficult task if it is not done in the right way. Before starting to clean the glass, a cleaning solution and suitable tools must be chosen, so the final result is a clean glass without lines or unwanted effects. On clean mirror glass, the following is recommended:

Removing stains that may be found on mirrors such as toothpaste stains, cosmetics, hair fixer, as well as dust and dirt before starting to polish them, and a piece of cotton dipped in alcohol can be used to get rid of the stains, then a clean cotton swab is used to wipe the alcohol residue from the mirror

Be careful to work quickly so that the alcohol does not dry out before wiping it off. Scrub the corners of the mirror with an old toothbrush moistened with alcohol to get rid of the accumulated dirt, and a cotton swab (ear-cleaning cotton) can be used to clean the narrow corners.

Cover the wooden frame of the mirror with a piece of cloth, so as not to be damaged by the cleaning solution for the glass. Spray cleaning solution on the surface of the mirror, and take into account not to exaggerate the amount of the solution because drying it in this case may require more time and effort.

Wiping the mirror with a soft-fiber cloth, and one of the good options is to cut old clothes as they are ideal for being free of lint, so the glass can be polished in it without leaving traces, which is what happens when using tissue paper, and without leaving streaks on the glass, which is what happens when using newspaper, as well as Using newsprint may result in ink stains on the mirror.

A rubber (abrasive) squeegee can be used when available to dispose of the cleaning solution efficiently, provided that it is used from the top to the bottom in a zigzag pattern in the form of a letter (S), and after completing a part it is preferable to wipe it with a cloth to get rid of the droplets of the cleaning solution.

After finishing cleaning the mirror, it is preferable to move away from the mirror and look at it from different angles, and if there are stains or traces, put a little cleaning solution on the cloth and wipe the stain with it.

Clean the glass with vinegar
Glass can be cleaned and polished with vinegar by following the following steps: Mix one part of white vinegar with one part of water, put the resulting solution in a clean spray bowl, and shake it gently.

Spray a little of the solution on a soft, lint-free cloth, or a piece of newspaper joined together.

Use the cloth or newspaper to wipe dirt off the window, glass, or mirrors and re-spray it with it when you need to moisten it again.

Be careful not to spray the solution directly on the mirror, as this would cause corrosion or discoloration. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to polish the glass after you finish cleaning it.

Clean the glass with alcohol and vinegar
Glass can be cleaned and polished with alcohol and vinegar by following the following steps: Prepare a household cleaner consisting of a cup of alcohol, a cup of water and a tablespoon of vinegar.

Spray the solution after placing it in a bottle to spray the spray on the window sash, and if the window is very dirty, you can moisten the soft cloth with a little solution, and clean the glass with it by moving from the top to the bottom.

Use the scraper or squeegee to remove traces of the solution from the window, by moving from the top to the bottom, with cleaning it by wiping it with a lint-free cloth after each wiping, and repeating that until the window is completely cleaned.

Use a lint-free cloth or piece of newspaper to remove traces of the solution, and polish the glass.

How to polish mirrors
It is advisable to polish the mirrors by moving the cloth in the shape of the letter (S) from the top of the mirror towards the bottom, and beware of following circular motions when cleaning the mirrors, as this will lead to the precipitation of dust and dirt on the cloth on the surface of the mirror again

Which leads to the appearance of streaks on it, and it is also recommended to replace paper towels or pieces of linen cloth with thin pieces of microfiber cloth, and to refrain from spraying water or glass cleaner directly on the surface of the mirror, but rather on the cloth

This is to prevent water or cleaning solution from leaking into the silver layer of the mirrors, and from the appearance of black spots on it

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