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Website address

A website (in English: Website) is a central website that includes a number of web pages linked to each other, which usually can be accessed through the home page (in English: homepage), and a web page is a file written in the hypertext markup language (English: HTML)

It can include texts, images, as well as links to other pages, and the web page can be accessed by a web browser (in English: Web browser) by typing its address into it.

The first website was built in 1991 at CERN by Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of HTML.

In general, websites on the Internet are usually created by companies, governments, or even individuals

Website address
Titles are used to represent websites on the Internet or the intranet, and the address of a web page usually consists of 5 sections, which can be defined as follows:

The protocol used, and among the most famous examples of protocols used in websites are the Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol (in English: HTTP), and the transfer of high-security hypertext (in English: HTTPS), and this section is followed by two vertical points in addition to two front dashes.

This section informs the web browser about the protocol used to receive information from the site. Other protocols used in websites include the File Transfer Protocol (in English: FTP) and the Telnet protocol (in English: Telnet).

Subdomain name (English: Subdomain); In this section, you can put a subdomain name for the site itself, and you can replace that and write the phrase (www), which means the global spider network, which is not important, and it can be ignored and not placed in the address.

Domain name (in English: Domain name) in addition to a top-level domain (English: TLD); The first is the full site name, while the last is the domain name ending form the domain name of a topic site, and the. Com format represents its top-level domain.

The name of the folders (in English: directories) on the web server that contains the web page being visited, and one directory is separated from another by a forward slash.

The file name of the page being visited, and the file name ends in a specific format that represents its type; The name may end in (. Php), (htm.), (. Jpg), or otherwise.

How to create a website
The website goes through a few stages before it is published on the Internet, after the completion of organizing all the contents to be included in it, the site design phase is started, and this can be done in several ways, so it is possible to resort to one of the sites that provide website design tools, and specialized software is also available By its design

A content management system (CMS) can be used to complete the process easily and in less time. The last way to design websites is by programming it completely from scratch, usually using HTML (English: HTML) and stacked style pages (English: CSS).

There are also other languages that can be used during the design of the site, such as those that are implemented on the visitor's device, including the JavaScript language (in English: Javascript), which is implemented on the server itself, including the PHP language (English: PHP), and as an alternative solution, it can be Hiring a specialized programmer to design the website

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